Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 3 of 50): Not Using Your Device

In the previous post, we discussed the “dying battery during your presentation” problem. Let’s move on to the next mistake from the train the trainer course now.

Mistake: Using someone else’s computer / Not even bringing your device

Why is this a problem: As a presenter and trainer you want to use your own device because you know it. Because you configured and customized it in the way you like and you are familiar with. Even if you are doing just your slideshow from that device, there could be a ton of problems. Fonts are a great example – if you used some custom font and then open the PPT file on a device that does not have the font you are using installed, your presentation will look a lot different than you want. A pleasant surprise, huh? And that may be your smallest problem…

The other point – coming to present and not even bringing your own device – that’s so unprofessional, I will not even spend time commenting it!

Solution: Always use and ask to use your own device. Using someone else’s must be a backup solution if something unplanned happens. Period.

Here, now you are three steps closer to becoming a great trainer. ?

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