Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 43 of 50): PowerPoint Templates

Now that you know that 16:9 is the preferred slide format, it’s time to clear something else out.

Mistake: Using PowerPoint built-in templates

Why is this a problem: Most of the built in PowerPoint templates are not what you should be striving for and using. What makes them bad is not just the overall design they have, but the fact that they are still pushing you towards putting a ton of information and of course formatting it in a “bullet point” way.

Solution: Go with a blank template. If you are already in PowerPoint you should be already aware of what will be in your slides and how they should look like. Links to web sites with photos, icons, fonts, etc. can be found in many of our posts. Take for example this one.

43 steps to becoming a great trainer and counting! Cool, right?

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