Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 27 of 50): Slide Mix

Now that we know that involving our audience during our presentations is important in order to keep and make them even more engaged, here is another one we saw during the Train the Trainer course. (and one that I see even from executives of Fortune 50 companies…)

Mistake: Using slides from various presentations (see below)

Why is this a problem: Two quick ones:

  1. Creating a “slides mix” is always a problem because the overall design of your presentation looks inconsistent. You are using one color palette for 10 slides and then the next 2 slides are utilizing completely different colors and then the next 3 are using third color palette + different fonts than the previous 12 slides!? Seriously!?
  2. It’s just not professional because it shows that you don’t care and you haven’t spent enough time preparing.

Solution: Don’t mix slides from various presentations. Create your slides yourself(from ground up if needed) or hire presentation design experts(like us) to create them for you.

Here, now you are 27 steps closer to becoming a great trainer. ?

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