Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 16 of 50): The Watch

The previous post was on a very commonly seen mistake – reading from the slides. Now to another one that I have also personally done in my career. Twice.

Mistake: Looking at your watch. A lot.

Why is this a problem: If you are looking at your watch (the one on your hand) constantly, the audience starts to get nervous. They start asking themselves what’s going on and why are you in such a hurry? Not only that, they may start to question whether or not you are going to deliver everything you planned to. It’s a crappy situation that you, yourself are creating…

Solution: The main problem here is that probably you haven’t rehearsed and you don’t know how much time your talk will take. Rehearse and do it with a watch next to you. Before starting the rehearsal take a look at the time. You know how much time you will have. When you are finished with the rehearsal, take a look at the time again – do you fit in your slot? If yes – great! If not – remove some material and then rehearse again. Do that until you can deliver your presentation for the time you will be given.

Oh, and something else – if you have a 60 minute slot for example, you should be able to finish your rehearsal for 45 – 50 minutes. Always plan with the thought in mind that when you are live there will be something different than when you are at home – a tech issue will arise, questions will be asked or someone will just be late…

Here, now you are 16 steps closer to becoming a great trainer. ?

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