Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 20 of 50): Too Much Stuff

20! We are getting ahead with our Train the Trainer posts!

In the previous one we discussed the “skipping slides” problem. Now onto a really important one.

Mistake: Too much content for the time given. Just too much.

Why is this a problem: When you try to present content that is suitable for a 4-hour presentation in a 60 minute slot you are not doing anyone a favor. Most of the times we see this problem because the speaker wants to show off and prove the audience how much he/she knows on the specific topic. That, however, is not why a presentation is delivered in first place and what ends up happening is that instead of you teaching those folks on 5 things effectively, you try to teach them on 20 and you fail on all of them.

Solution: Decide for yourself what you want to achieve – do you want to teach, change and make your audience better or do you want to show how then how much you know? Choice the right one and you will find a solution to this problem by yourself. 

Here, now you are 20 steps closer to becoming a great trainer. ?

Next: Read Mistake 21: Using acronyms without defining them.

Are you enjoying the series? Did you learn something new already? 

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