Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 41 of 50): Too Much Text

After talking about how you should set up your mic, it’s time to focus the last 10 posts on presentation design. Here we go!

Mistake: Too much text or code on the slides!

Why is this a problem: You should imagine slides as a smaller version of billboards. Slides are not created to copy – paste text from the web or a Word document into them. A lot of text on your slides will make your audience stop listening to you. Quickly.

Solution: Two words here:

  1. Simplicity – keep your slides as simple as possible. They should be easily scannable and understandable. You don’t want your audience to try and figure out what the heck you typed in there and what’s the meaning of all of it.
  2. Restraint – remove anything that is not needed and that does not bring value to your message from your slides.

41 steps to becoming a great trainer and counting! Cool, right?

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