Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 13 of 50): Weak Start

In the previous Train the Trainer post, we discussed the “Excuses problem”. Let’s now talk about something else that you can easily see in many, many presentations out there:

Mistake: Missing the opportunity to grab the attention at the start

Why is this a problem: If you as a trainer do not grab your audience’s attention at the start that may lead to them not listening to you at all. Let’s stop here in order to keep it simple.

Solution: A few ways to grab the attention at the start of your presentation:

  1. Start with a story (a personal one) that is related to the topic – something that happened to you or to a friend of yours at some point in time, for example
  2. Tell them “Why” they need to listen, “Why” is there a problem before telling them the “How” you resolve that problem (that’s probably the most simple way to go)
  3. Tell them “What is” the current state of the situation / problem and “What could be” after the end of the presentation

Here, now you are 13 steps closer to becoming a great trainer. ?

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