Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 42 of 50): 16:9 not 4:3

Presentation design matters and it matters a ton. Please don’t treat your slides as alternatives to documents. Let’s now quickly discuss another issue I am still seeing worldwide and not just in the Train the Train course…

Mistake: Using 4:3 slide format instead of 16:9

Why is this a problem: Everything nowadays is in high definition, wide format. Your slides should be too. Not only do they look more 2016, but the 16:9 slide format gives you more space(not for placing text though).

SolutionUse 16:9 slide format for all of your future presentations. Use 4:3 only if you know that the projector that you are going to be using (unfortunately there are still such venues/rooms) does not support wide resolutions like 1280×720, 1600×900, etc. 

42 steps to becoming a great trainer and counting! Cool, right?

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