Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 25 of 50): Wrong Approach

The Train the Trainer series is going quite well, huh? Welcome to the 25th post!

After discussing the filler words problem in the previous one, I want to step back to blog post number 3 in which we discussed the fact that many of our future trainers were not using their own devices. Now, we just recently heard another one that’s close to this one, but it’s such a big one that I cannot skip it just because we are half way through the series already. So what is it?

Mistake: Not bringing your own device because “it was raining outside”

Why is this a problem: If the weather conditions are something that you would be excusing with, you are not a professional trainer and you will never become such. What’s more, this attitude shows that you don’t care what so ever for your audience/students and for the overall process of teaching and it’s quality.

Solution: Don’t become a trainer. 

Here, now you are not 25 steps closer to becoming a great trainer, but to something that you like more… ?

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