Yes, we are back in Instagram and you can follow us there right now! 

Now, why are we back? What happened that we “disappeared”? For all of you who didn’t follow us back when we started theInstagram_App_Large_May2016_200 company, we had an Instagram account. The problem is that at some point someone reported us as an account that was not posting content that is suitable for the platform or said in simple words we were reported to be violating the terms and conditions of Instagram. That, of course, was completely impossible and in case you wonder whether or not we tried to fix this – we did. However, on my personal blog I will soon explain why receiving help from the “support” of Instagram is impossible!

For now, we are happy that we were able to register the profile again and as you can see we already had republished all of our content, so if you are on the platform, follow us because we are about to be posting some really cool stuff!

That’s all for today. We are happy and we wanted to share it with you.