Conversational Presentations in PowerPoint: What and Why?

Conversational Presentations in PowerPoint: What and Why? These questions were answered by our founder, Boris Hristov, on a webinar which took place on September 26th.

During the webinar we talked on Conversational Presenting and how to build conversational style presentation, before and after PowerPoint 2016. The webinar was demo-only – no theory – and we were showing some interesting information based on real world examples from our clients.

Do you wonder if it was interesting? Here’s what the people who were online said:

  • “Fantastic idea! The only limit we have is us!”
  • “Wonderful. Thank you. I really appreciate you going over the pre-365 version. “
  • “Great information. I will be transitioning my organization’s internal dashboard from excel to zoom.”
  • “Well done! This gives me some ideas.  Thank you.”

If someone wants us to deliver a webinar for their organization – ping us.

And if you also want to learn PowerPoint tricks you can check our online course PowerPoint Tips & Tricks. More than 40 tricks await you in it!

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