On 10th of November at 3.30 PM Bulgarian Time we are going to deliver a webinar on Presentation Design Fundamentals for another young Bulgarian company – Webinaria. Don’t know if you have been following the complete madness that our seminar on that same topic brought at Software University , but the fact that more than 200 people came and around 4K watched the interview that we did for SoftUni looks like we know what we are doing and that the seminar was a great success. What we plan on delivering as part of the webinar is a shortened version of the same content – we need to fit in exactly 1 hour and so if you missed the seminar and / or want to learn about presentation design and it’s crucial importance, join me on 10th of November by registering here. I promise you will learn a ton and make a great step in your presentation career.

P.S. The webinar will be delivered in Bulgarian.

Update: Sad news. The webinar is cancelled due to some issues the Webinaria’s team is facing. We are extremely sorry that we are not going to be able to deliver a ton of value то you today and please be sure that we are already in discussions around rescheduling the event. We want to do this for you! In the meantime, if you have any questions related to presentation design or successful presentations in general, let us know at contact@356labs.com. Thanks again for the understanding.

Update: New date: 23th of November at 7.00 PM. Register here.

Update: You can watch the recording here. The platform requires you to be a subscriber though + don’t forget, it’s in Bulgarian! 🙂