Can you anticipate potential fails before you start your presentation and prevent things from going wrong?

What can go wrong before you even hit the stage? We started this topic in Episode 18 and we are continuing with it.

What should you be prepared for when you are about to deliver a presentation so that at the end of the day it’s all a huge success?

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Always have a plan B!

Always make sure that all the wireless devices you’re using are fully charged and make sure you have spare batteries. Plus, make sure you have the correct electricity plug for international standards!

Did you bring a spare pair of pants?

No, not because of what you thought. But having a spare pair of clothes can save you especially if you’re about to deliver a business-critical presentation and in case you spill any coffee on yourself or you just need to put on a fresh shirt… now you know how to prepare.

Postpone any device updates for after the presentation.

Don’t risk finding yourself with a computer that’s going to take 2 hours to update just before your presentation. Or the updates have caused the device to malfunction. Or some of your presentation files have disappeared. Just update your software after the presentation.

Listen to the full episode!