Over 80 million people around the globe use Canva every month to design and collaborate on presentations, marketing materials, social media content, videos, and more. So, we can truly say this episode is a special one because our guest is the Product Lead for Presentations at Canva, Pol Narbona, joining us from Sydney.

In this episode with him, you will learn straight from the source how Canva is evolving and what are the new and exciting updates focused on video and data storytelling possibilities. And, as Pol promised, if you think something is missing from Canva, they are probably already working on it.

Furthermore, Pol and Canva are not only joining us for this podcast episode, but Pol will also be speaking at the Present to Succeed Conference 2022 on April 8th together with Ashley Gilgrist, Canva’s Product Marketing for Presentations. What is more, Canva is collaborating with us and is our fantastic general sponsor for this year’s conference!

P.S. Stay tuned to both us and Canva for an interesting competition around the Present to Succeed Conference that you wouldn’t want to miss!

How Pol became part of Canva's team

Pol worked and studied in New York before returning to Barcelona, where he got his first tech industry job. He shared how serendipitously he then moved to Sydney to work at Canva. “After living in New York and being from Barcelona, the only city I would’ve moved to was Sydney.” He started there as a product manager, and now he’s the product lead for presentations, which is something he’s really enjoying.

What is new in Canva

In the episode, Pol shared one of his favorite recent Canva features: the improved collaboration and video capabilities. Because of the ever-changing presentation space and the necessity to collaborate across time zones, he underlined the need of being able to record yourself speaking on video. Presenting asynchronously is a fantastic feature that makes sense in today’s world because meeting at a reasonable time across time zones can be difficult.

Additionally, we talked about the recent acquisition of Flourish by Canva. Flourish is a user-friendly and collaborative data visualization tool used by over 800,000 people for data storytelling. Their partnership is excellent because, similar to Canva’s goal of empowering the world to design, Flourish aims to enable everyone to tell stories with data by making what sounds complex and might need complex software into an accessible to everyone tool. We are excited to see what the power of data storytelling will bring into Canva.

Listen to the whole podcast to learn more about Canva’s newest features and what you can expect in the future. Of course, Pol also provided some information about what to expect from his Present to Succeed 2022 session.


If you are looking for a presentation tool that is beyond the traditional slides, effective, collaborative, and immensely timesaving without the requirement to know complex software – Canva is what you are looking for. Flourish is available here, and you can connect with Pol Narbona personally on LinkedIn here.

Listen to the full episode!

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