What should a company PowerPoint template come with?

A company presentation template it’s not just a number of well-designed slides!

See, when a proper presentation template needs to be created, it needs to be done with the company’s employees! This not only means that there should be more than a starting and an ending slide in that template! It means that the template needs to come together with a few more “goodies”. Let me make a few suggestions which all come from our work with our customers:

Master slides — a number of slides that reflect the most commonly used presentation cases in the company

Guidelines and example slides —these may be in the form of instructions, separate PowerPoint file with slides, a web page, or a combination of those, showing how to make the best possible use of the template

Additional training materials — these may be how-to videos, pre-recorded training, and sometimes interactive documents. They could be  created with tools different than PowerPoint

A creative library — photos, illustrations, icons, and other media files.  Selected and prepared in such a way that when used, they not only save the look and feel of the template but enhance the speaker’s slides

Launch plan —  This is the plan on how you are going to introduce the template to your company. Creating a proper presentation template takes a lot of time and effort and it needs to be presented well. There must be a meeting — in-person or online such for everyone to ask any questions that may arise. At 356labs we also do 1 bonus thing — we offer a free workshop to the company during which we “onboard” the employees with the new template.

Do you see the difference between a proper PowerPoint template and a file with 2 slides — a beginning and an end slide? I hope so. I really hope so.

Your company presentation template is an important thing! Do it right and watch your company’s presentations flourish! Do it wrong, however, and lose a lot more — brand identity, productivity, and communication effectiveness.

In case you found out that your presentation template is not a proper one, we at 356labs would be happy to help at contact@356labs.com.

However, please feel free to contact any other presentation experts! Insist on getting the above because I guarantee that this “method” is “The method”! If you want to change the level of your company’s presentations and achieve more with every single one of them.

You can also check our online course PowerPoint Tips & Tricks. More than 40 tricks await you in it!

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