Fonts matter. They can completely change the mood, the design and the overall effectiveness of your presentation. And if so, the question that you may be asking yourself is – where can I get some great fonts? We are receiving this question quite frequently, so let us show you a few places where you can get just an incredible amount of fonts for absolutely zero money. Those are fonts that are not preinstalled to your computer!

    1. Font Squirrel – probably the most complete web site out there! If you are searching for amazing free fonts that you can not just download, but also preview before downloading, that’s your place!
    2. FontM –  another great web resource where you can find a ton of free fonts grouped in various categories. Search functionality also included!
    3. Typewolf one of my personal favorites! This site will not only allow you to download the fonts for free, but also gives you recommendation which other font(s) will look great with the font that you are downloading! Ain’t that cool?

So a few days before the Christmas of 2015, accept this blog post as a small, little present from the 356labs team for you, our readers!

We hope you will enjoy it!