Where To Find Free Icons For Your Presentations

Where can you find incredible free icons? Let us help.

So let’s see. You created your outline, and now it’s time to create your slides. However, you need some icons – be that for a diagram you want to create or simply to visualize some key concepts. Or it may be something else too. The question remains the same – where do you get those icons from?

1. Flaticon – do you want to find some free icons on almost everything that you can think of? Maybe you are also willing to pay a few $ for some premium ones? If so, Flaticon is your place.
2. The Noun Project – it’s not just for Mac. It’s just the screenshot that says that. Just go on the website and enjoy the rich library of free icons!
3. IconFinder – Icon. Finder. Clear, right?

We’re sure that you will find plenty of useful and good-looking icons for all of your projects on these three platforms. If we’re right, buy us a beer.

Have we missed a great web site where you can find free icons? Let us know in the comments! 

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