A strong start of our weekend workshops.

Okay. You work often with PowerPoint and think that you know its full potential? Let us challenge you!

If you want to learn how powerful PowerPoint actually is and how you can create more effective presentations with less effort, we have the right thing for you – 80 PowerPoint trick in a day. Yes, you read that right – 80!

We will cover 80 new ”things” that will completely change your mind about what PowerPoint can actually do and what’s more, you will do it yourself. This workshop is a 100% hands-on only! No theory at all!

The trainer? Our PowerPoint specialist and Founder – Boris Hristov.

Tickets are already on fire so we’ve opened one more group on Sunday. Don’t miss the opportunity as this one is indeed a really good one! 🙂

See more details and registration forms for Group 1 and Group 2.

Date: Group 1 – 7 October; Group 2 – 8 October
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Adress: Angel Kanchev 3

Update: Group 1 – sold out. Group 2 – sold out.