A few days after our seminar at Software University on Presentation Design I received the feedback the people provided after the seminar ended. Here, I will use the opportunity and translate(in English) some of the incredible feedback you gave because I want to share your thoughts with all of our readers. Here are just a small part of the comments we received:

Very useful and interesting.

Very enthralling, fun and useful!

Packed up! But that’s good… 🙂

One of the best presentations I have ever been.

An absolute must – this should be seen by more people!

Fresh speaker, fresh presentation. It was absolutely great!

The most useful and fun 2 hours that completely changed my view on presentations and their design.

Wonderful advices on how to create stunning presentations. Learned a lot.

It’s first time ever I am seeing anyone sharing so much important details that need to be taken in mind when creating a PowerPoint slideshow.

Of course, there were also not that positive comments, but that’s the beauty of someone giving feedback, isn’t it?

Too basic.

I don’t like the fact that he was using English words during his presentation. Either talk in Bulgarian or in English.

The things he talked about are not for this generation. In my opinion this presentations is for the people between 30-35+ because the younger generation knows at least 80% of the material.

In general, however, I am quite pleased with the feedback, but I also wrote some things down that need to be improved and will be improved.

Thank you, all, for providing me with your thoughts and insights! We hope we will see you again soon! 😉