Your Vocabulary and Your Presentations

In the last few months, I have been training a lot of people on how to become future trainers and public speakers as part of our Train the Trainer courses. As part of this process, I noticed something that, frankly, worries me — the lack of vocabulary of those same future trainers and public speakers or to put in an even more simple way — what words and how many, if you will, the speaker uses while presenting.

Vocabulary is an important thing, if you think about it, as it plays a huge role not only in our presentations but also every single time when we communicate and talk with the others around us!

So, in case you wonder how you can enhance your vocabulary, here are a few very simple ideas:

  1. Read! Books, magazines, whatever. Read online. Read materials that are also not in your area of expertise.
  2. Listen to podcasts while walking or even when driving.
  3. Go to events and watch other people’s presentations. Search your favorite topics online too — there are so many videos worth seeing…
  4. Participate in webinars too. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from those.
  5. Communicate. And communicate with a wider range of people as possible.

Doesn’t sound like something revolutionary, right? Perfect!

Now the next step is to make this learning process a priority and convert it into a routine because the way you talk is already and will continue to play a huge role in your everyday life and I promise you — the richer of a vocabulary you have, the better for everything you do — your personal life, your career and surely, your presentations.

Have you ever thought about this? Let me know in the comments…