Media Kit

We have everything you need prepared already

Thank you for your interest in 356labs!

Pushing the button down there you are going to gain access to all of our brand assets, such as logo, pictures, illustrations and everything you might need. We have a few guidelines for using our brand resources—please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.
You can download our full Media Kit below in a .zip file:

Всички материали, и инструкции как да ги използвате, на български и английски език, ще откриете в .zip файлът, който можете да свалите тук:

At 356labs we believe that every detail matters. Since you download this media kit, we trust you and see you as our partner. Here is why we know that you are going to read the following instructions and won’t break them. Thank you!

What you are going to see in this document is proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws. All the assets can be used only when following the instructions. If any of the contents are to be found in misusage, 356labs has the right to ask for the contents to be put down and/or replaced straight away.

ogo Details

Our logo comes in 3+3 colors and 2 versions– a circle version and a logotype version, in blue, dark and light colors. We’d prefer if you used the circle dark one. Now, we are aware that in some situations the circle dark logo might not do the job, so in those cases feel free to use the colored or light colors of any of the versions.

Circle version

Other Colored Versions

Logotype Version

Even though we believe in you and that you are able to make the right decision, if you cannot decide which one suits your needs best, you can always ask us.

Illustrations Details

We have developed illustrations, that you are or are going to see across all of our platforms and materials. They have been made with much care to bring their special symbolic meaning. They are really cool and we know that you might need them in some special occasions, so we prepared special versions for you. Be careful with their use, sometimes a photo would do a better job.

Meet The Storyteller.

He is a character used only when talking about the verbally orientated services of our agency. He knows words and business. He knows how to translate every message to your audience and he can help you deliver it. He comes in three versions and you can make the best choice for your purposes.

Meet The Slidemaster.

She is a character developed especially to communicate the visually oriented part of our services. She is the master of the slides and everything design. She knows every trick in PowerPoint and she can amaze you with creativity. She comes in three versions as well and you can make the best choice for your purposes.

Be sure to provide plenty of space around our logo and illustrations. Make them big, make them small, just give them the chance to breathe. But don’t alter them in any other way. We put a lot of love into creating them, so treat them with care.

Meet The Clients.

They are the embodiment of the happiest client an agency can wish for. They are that happy because they are taken care of well and they know that they can trust 356labs that the job is going to be done in the best way possible. Their power combined with ours can make all of their goals come true and they know there is nothing to be worried for.

Photos Details

We bet it happens all the time – you want to write an article or a post about a cool company but you cannot find even a single photo in good quality. Here is why we handpicked a couple of photos in high quality of us and what we do. In the pack you will find photos of our events, masterclass and trainings and branded detailed pictures. Please note the folder name and use the photos according to the name. There are also pictures of every team member of ours in high quality and without background – yes, we are THAT COOL, we saved you the most boring part of graphic design work. You are welcome.

Typeface Details

Type is important. It translates the message right. We chose our message to be delivered by the Gotham Pro type family. The family is not free so we would understand if you don’t use it in your communication. For a decent replacement we would suggest Ariel, Montserrat or Open Sans.

Please, don’t alter these graphics nor the photos in any way, or combine them with any other graphics, without written consent from the 356labs team.

Please make sure that you have read and understand our Media Kit Instructions. Of course if you have any doubts, you can always contact us at: