The Business Case

Abraxa is a software company providing software-as-a-service solution for port agencies. They organized a huge event in Rotterdam where they invited the thought-leaders in their industry so the Founder of the company approached us with the ask to build something absolutely unique and mind-blowing! Side note: it’s very rare for someone to approach us and then ask us first thing during the meeting: “Just out of curiosity, how can I cancel the contract in case I am not happy with the result?”. That… was a good start of our meeting as you can imagine! 🙂

The Solution

We wrote the story. OK, we rewrote it three times. From scratch. We even went back to look at videos from the UK rowing team during the Sydney Olympics so that our client makes you experience the event as you were there. And that’s only through his words. We also created the slides by sticking to their brand identity but we also needed to enhance it dramatically for the use case of the presentation. Every single element in the slideshow was hand drawn by the creative team. We even created two designs of the presentation but we ended up sticking with the latter one – the more illustrative one.

The Effects

Our creative team went above and beyond to deliver some incredible motion effects across the whole presentation. We used a ton of Morph Transitions and Motion Path animations to make all that movements possible and to further support the story of the talk.

The Results

As for the story and the slides – we know. However, what will happen once the presentation is delivered, we hope we are very soon able to see…