The Business Case

Combridge is the Romanian counterpart of T-Systems, also part of Deutsche Telekom. They were undergoing a huge restructuring of their sales operations and as part of it, we were tasked to create their sales presentation. However, they wanted something even better than what we have built for their colleagues in Bulgaria.

The Solution

We always start by trying to fully understand the business case our client is in. After a few questions were asked, it was clear that we need to build a conversational-style presentation with the help of PowerPoint Zoom. This way, the sales representative could navigate the presentation based on where the client wants thus saving the client time and keeping their engagement high.

The Effects

The zooming in and out comes from the PowerPoint Zoom technology. Together with this we used animations and Morph Transition at few places to enhance specific messages. What’s more, we incorporated a hidden button on each slides so that the presenters can go back to the zooming dashboard no matter when they get stopped from the client.

The Results

A slideshow which became one of the core reasons for improved sales results.