In the last few years, we have done some incredible work with Novatel who are part of Deutsche Telekom. Because of the successes we achieved, we were asked to help with the corporate sales presentation of Combridge – the Romanian counterpart of T-Systems(also part of Deutsche Telekom). We ended up using conversation-style approach for their presentation as we know from experience that there is no better way to sell a product in front of high level executives than this one. Our team used the latest and greatest presentation technologies in PowerPoint – Zoom and Morph- to create an interactive dashboard that allows the audience (the client) to decide what needs to be covered and in what detail. The end result – slideshow that once given to the sales people becomes a powerful weapon for bringing true business results.

ClientCombridgeServicesPresentation DevelopmentYear2018Linkwww.combridge.roCategorySales, Company Presentation, Interactive

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