The Business Case

Institut Esthederm – one of the most luxurious and thus expensive brands in the cosmetics industry. We got a call from them to help with an important presentation for a conference organized by the Glamour magazine. Main goal there was for them to position themselves as the desired brand among the young generation.

The Solution

Beautiful slides supported by an engaging story and two incredible videos provided by Institut Estherderm France for the top presentation at the event.

The Design

This was maybe the most interesting part of the project. As one of the top brands in the world, Institut Estherdem has extremely high expectations in terms of anything that comes out of the brand. They were very demanding but for us it was a pleasure to work with people who think similar to how we do – someone who cares about every single detail and is not willing to compromise no matter what.

The Results

An invitation to work on 1 more design project and deliver two presentation courses for the sales & marketing teams of the company.