The Business Case

F.Hunziker + Co AG came to us with a request to help them build a presentation for an expo in Orlando, Florida. This was their first move in the US market and they wanted something special. The challenge was that the marketing people were not sure how to convey their message in the best way possible when they were not given a presentation slot but just a small room where they can welcome the guests.

The Solution

We crafted the story first and then we used the latest and greatest in the world of presentations to build not one, but two stunning presentations. The first was going to be displayed on tablets and the other was going to be given on a branded USB stick as a leave-behind. The latter file, even though a PDF, was also created in PowerPoint so that it can be updated in the future and reexported again.

The Design

Our team kept the brain intact yet with the help of PowerPoint Zoom and the Morph Transition, we ended up achieving a touch-enabled presentation that the client did not believe was even possible.

Before & After

When F.Hunziker approached us they had an old presentation they used to market their products. However, the slideshow was far away from perfect as it was as side effort inside the company and was not built by professional presentation designers. That’s why and because of the nature of the business case, they decided to seek professional help and build not only something beautiful but something that they will be reused again and again.

The Results

A presentation and a document that differentiated F.Hunziker from all the other exhibitors and a few weeks later impressed even the CMO of the company.