Gradus IPO Investment Presentation

High stakes? We know what it takes! This is an IPO level presentation for the Bulgarian company Gradus. They reached out to us because they were preparing to do an IPO and they wanted to present themselves in a truly exceptional way. This presentation together with a few more(one of which you can find in the portfolio – a slidedoc that was used to be sent over e-mail) were used to help the company become and make the second largest IPO in the history of the country! The project took 4 months of intensive work between our team, the C-level suite of the organization and a financial broker organization. At the end, the result spoke for itself – 82 million Bulgarian leva raised (41 million Euro) when the goal was 60 and media coverage for more than a month. The slides themselves were used during a closed live event that was held for the biggest investors and medias in the country.

ClientGradusServicesPresentation DevelopmentYear2018Linkgradus.bgCategoryInvestor, Executive, Company Presentation

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