Gradus IPO Presentation Documents

Together with the IPO Investment Presentation which you can find in our portfolio, this one is another deck that we created for the IPO of the Bulgarian company Gradus. The document, however, is not to be used in front of a live audience. It’s only intended as an e-mail attachment before a meeting with a potential investor. The version you see here is in English, even though there is one in Bulgarian too (depending on the audience). What’s more, this document was later on reformatted and adapted for print purposes because we wanted the investors and the media to get a beautiful book with all the details when they were living the live presentation on the 18th of June. All together, this project took 4 months of work and involved us, the C-level executives of Gradus and the financial brokers and the result was 82 million leva raised (41 million euro) making this IPO the second largest IPO in the history of Bulgaria.

ClientGradusServicesPresentation DevelopmentYear2018Linkgradus.bgCategoryInvestor, Executive, Company Presentation

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