The Business Case

Jamba is one of those startups whose idea we immediately decided to support! Their company connects employers and people with disabilities to help them find jobs. When they reached out to us, they just got confirmation that they will be pitching the Bill Clinton’s Foundation in Boston. This was a huge opportunity for them because if they win, they were about to get one of the grants the foundation was providing. Simply put, the stake was high for the incredible team of Joana and Iva.

The Solution

We worked with Iva (one of the co-Founders) and wrote the whole story of the talk first. The main idea was to touch the jury and their hearts so that’s why we decided to hit with shocking statistic that no one can stay calm when presented to. From there we contrasted that with what could be and how Jamba can resolve this deeply human problem merging that with the normally-expected things a startup has to present – traction, investment opportunity, roadmap, etc.

The Design

Once we agreed on the story, our design team took over. We further developed their brand and their illustrations and we played with color and size. The black slides refer to the problem and the white ones refer to the solution. At some point we made the visual connection (the investment slide) and turned to black again to connect the problem with the money we were asking for making not the amount but the word “investment” huge. This way we showed that for that huge problem at the start, the most important this was the investment and not the 200k we were needing. Of course, there are a ton more things to be shared but that’s for another time!

The Results

Jamba won one of the grants from the Bill Clinton’s Foundation.