Corporate template

The Business Case

KBC Group went through a complete rebranding recently and we were asked to help them recreate their corporate presentation template. However, in order for our team to build a proper template we needed to go through a ton of presentations we, ourselves requested so that we understand what exactly are the presentation needs of the people inside the bank.

The Solution

A system of tools to help everyone who presents or prepares documents-type presentations with PowerPoint. Our team created a template that fits the needs of the people inside KBC Group, an accompanying manual with instructions, example slides and how those slides were also achieved, a set of icons and photos that can be used with the new template and a 1-hour video with tips & tricks on how to use the template and all its files effectively.

The Design

Together with the template, the manual and all the other files, we also held a 4-hour workshop on slide design with the people that present most. The main goal of the session was to answer any question in regards to the template and help them build better slides faster.

The Results

A template that was widely accepted and that achieved its goal – to be of service to the presenters and help them create professionally-looking, consistent slides faster.