Our project with Modis was one of the most interesting and at the same time challenging ones. As a subdivision of Adecco Group, Modis offers to its clients an incredibly rich portfolio of IT services. They came to us because they wanted to level up their sales presentation – both the one they deliver in front of their clients and the one they send over e-mail. Our team worked for months to systematize the content Modis provided to us because it came in the hundreds of pages in various formats – presentations, Word documents, brochures, etc. At the end, we created a conversational-style presentation because of the specifics of the meetings they were getting to and an accompanying PDF that they were able to send before or after a meeting. Both of the files were 100+ pages/slides and when we thought we were ready, Modis asked us to create the design of a brochure they wanted to later on print. Surely, we did that one too and just two months later, with the help of the newly created presentations, they closed a deal with a company that we all (together with you – the reader of this) use the services of on a daily basis.

ClientModisServicesPresentation DevelopmentYear2018Linkwww.modis.comCategorySales, Technical

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