The Business Case

Sofia Med is one of the biggest producers of rolled and extruded copper and copper alloy products globally. They asked us to help them create their company presentation as they needed it for an upcoming expo in Germany. We were up for the challenge and that’s why we started by asking this question: “Can we get inside the plant to take photos?”

The Solution

Sofia Med allowed us to get inside and we took some incredible pictures that we later on used as part of the design of the presentation. That helped us create a slideshow that was otherwise impossible to produce. Having in mind that their organization was running PowerPoint 2010, we had a few limitations in regards to what animations we could use but our team managed to come with the needed workarounds.

The Design

The main idea here was to create a modern-looking slideshow which was also consistent with the brand. We used the photos we were provided with and the ones we took at the plant itself and combined them with slight motion effects to enhance some of the key messages.

Before & After

Sofia Med had a version of their presentation. It was built in 2017 and utilized their 4:3 corporate template. As this expo was incredibly important for them, we designed the presentation in a way that is not that commonly seen in the industry. This way, we helped them differentiate even further from all of their competitors.

The Results

Company presentation that impressed all levels of their management and that is being reused for various other purposes even till today.

Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.