Corporate template

The Business Case

Sopharma Trading reached out to us with the request to build a new template. The main goal they were looking to hit was to enable their Product Managers to easily build beautiful presentations for training purposes as part of their Sales Academy (STARTS Academy).

The Solution

A system of tools to help everyone who presents or prepares documents-type presentations with PowerPoint. Our team created a template that fits the needs of the people inside the company, accompanied by a manual with instructions, example slides and how those slides were also achieved. We also provided a set of icons, photos and unique shapes that can be used with the new template. In total, the project includes more than 100+ slides built specifically for the Product Managers that all represent their own presentation needs.

The Introduction

We presented the template in a quick 1-hour online call aiming to answer any question the Product Managers may have in regards to the files and their usage. This way, we make sure that everyone gets the needed head start and all the background information to start exploring the newly built template and extract value out of it.

The Result

A template that was widely accepted and that achieved its goal – to be of service to the presenters and help them create professionally-looking, consistent slides faster.