The CEO of Devin(part of Spadel group) contacted us and told us a story. A story about a 400+ page document that was created in PowerPoint that each CEO of each country had to read before their quarterly meeting. The problem was not just the sheer size of the file but also the type of information inside – each country was actually measuring its performance based on different KPIs making the comparison of the group’s performance completely impossible. Thomas, decided to take the initiative and restructured the content to less than 100 pages and laid down the KPIs that were going to be presented for each country. This is the moment he reached out to us to create this document that was only used for print purposes. He asked us if it was going to be possible to create those 100 slides (90+ of them with different data visualizations) and what’s more – he wanted those so that each country can fill them in by themselves. Oh, and he needed this file in not more than a week.

The end result was a template that impressed him so much that even up until today he hardly believes that became true. Later on, he was a guest of ours for our interview sessions and said: “We worked with Boris and his team on an important executive presentation that we prepare each quarter. It’s a pre-read document that we decided to cut from 480 pages to less than 100. His team did fantastic job and we were impressed by the professionalism they showed during the project” – Thomas Krennbauer, CEO Devin Bulgaria.

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