Conference presentation

The Business Case

The CEO of TBI Bank got the opportunity to present at the biggest Merchant Payment Ecosystem conference in Europe. They reached out because they were presenting themselves there for first time and wanted to make a lasting impression on the audience. Not an easy task having in mind that the biggest and most ambitions companies on the market will be there presenting too…

The Solution

We worked with TBI Bank to craft the story and once we were ready, we gave it to the design team to do something special. Their organization has quite a unique brand + they also run Office 365 and thus when we merged both of those together the results were quite impressive.

The Effects

Every single element in this presentation was created from scratch by our creative crew. All the animations are natively built with the help of Motion Paths, Morph Transition and more.

The Results

Mission accomplished! The presentation was an enormous success and our client was quite happy with the feedback received. Of course, they hope that the next time the guys that are running the event will be better prepared with their audio and microphone system as there were some issues at the start of the talk. Otherwise, it was all great indeed! 😉