Event presentation

The Business Case

The CEO of TBI Bank asked us to help him prepare a presentation that would showcase the vision for the company for the next few years. This talk was about to be given both publicly and internally, inside the bank. What’s more, he asked us if we can create a version of his slides that can be consumed as a document. Both of those materials had to be super impressive not just because of the nature of the material covered but also because he, himself, is always on the look for the best out there.

The Solution

We used the latest and greatest in the world of presentations and combined it with their brand to build two stunning presentations. A ton of movement was added to the slides that were prepared for him to present with but all of it was made with purpose – to support him and his style of presenting.

The Document

The PDF file was also created in PowerPoint so that it can be edited and reexported again. However, it was further optimized through a specific compressing software we use internally to make sure it is as small as possible while not compromising on quality. Bonus tip, it’s called NXPowerLite.

The Design

Nothing but exceptional! Our team created an animated movie for the start of the talk so that we can capture the audience’s attention and from there we created every element from scratch. The Morph Transition was also heavily used to create stunning animations all across the live presentation.

Before & After

TBI Bank started to work on this presentation before reaching out to us. However, not only did they not have the story ready back then but they were also utilizing their corporate template for it which, unfortunately, was not going to allow them to achieve the result you are seeing here.

The Results

A presentation which while being delivered made a lot of people write us if we actually worked on it. Plus a project that started a long-lasting partnership between TBI Bank and us at 356labs.

Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.