The Right Way to Stand Out

The Business Case

LIDL, a company that needs no introduction, recently reached to our team for some presentation help. Their Country Director was asked to deliver a presentation called “The LIDL Effect” at one of the biggest E-Commerce events in the region. Thus, her assistant and the marketing head wanted to make sure that her talk will not only be on a top level but will differentiate them from everyone.

The Solution

Many times when working on an executive talk with someone but the executive itself, this is a sign that something can go wrong especially from the story side of things. This time was different. LIDL came quite prepared on the story end and our team just applied some fine tuning. After the executive agreed on the direction and the messaging, we moved on to the design phase.

The Design

The way LIDL presented their formula for effectiveness was quite unique and we wanted to emphasize it by taking a design approach that has an advanced technological feel and incorporates mathematical elements throughout the whole presentation. We used the formula to mark every section of the talk and visualized its transformation when moving from one part to the next as well as which part of the formula reflects said section.

The Results

A presentation that truly differentiated LIDL from absolutely everyone on the event and yet again showed why they are the leader in their industry.

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