Present to Succeed 2021 Design Track Recordings


Make your presentations look awesome by learning the design fundamentals. Already got design skills? Upgrade them with Data Viz and more great knowledge.

Present to Succeed Design Track Recordings with Lea Pica, Tom Howell, Bart van de Wiele
Present to Succeed 2021 Design Track Recordings

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Design slides like a pro. Without being one.

Understand the basics of slide design and learn how to create effective and stunning slides by yourself. Gather tons of tips & tricks that will help you with your day-to-day presentation work.

Present data clearly

Learn about data visualization and how to present different metrics and data sets with clear and comprehensible charts and graphs. Upgrade your skills with knowledge on data storytelling.

Speed up your work

You already have design skills? Great! Now you can learn how to work even faster with tips on stock content, templates, and fonts. Did you know you can use PowerPoint for print design? Now you will.

Here are your speakers

Tom Howell, Lea Pica, Paul van Hattem, Bart Van de Wiele, Nick Belshaw, Rob Kawalsky, Ingrid Mengdehl, Richard Goring, Echo Swinford, Julie Terberg, Nolan Haims.

About Present to Succeed Conference

We at 356labs are the proud organizers of Present to Succeed – the biggest presentation skills conference in the world. Its focus is helping business professionals, entrepreneurs, and ordinary overachievers to write, design, and deliver truly effective presentations. For two full days, we are hosting some of the brightest and most exciting storytelling and public speaking experts, presentation designers, and tools creators in the world. The main goal of the event is to level up presentation skills across industries on a global scale. We’re sure this way the world would become a nicer place where we communicate and understand each other better.

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