Present to Succeed 2021 Public Speaking Track Recordings


Persuasion, winning trust, building emotional connections with your audience – those are precious skills far beyond the presentation field.

Present to Succeed 2021 Public Speaking Track Recordings


Persuasion, winning trust, building emotional connections with your audience – those are precious skills far beyond the presentation field. In the Public Speaking track of the debut edition of Present to Succeed, we gathered some extraordinary experts on those topics. Military intelligence-grade experts like Chase Hughes, for example. Of course, they give tips on doing all of that in the virtual environment too.


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Chase Hughes – Extreme persuasion: The one factor you’ll never hear about that makes all the difference

America’s leading behavior expert and best-selling author of 3 books on human behavior

Chase Hughes, regarded as a world-leading expert in what makes us all tick, spent years crafting techniques for intelligence operatives. In this invaluable talk, Chase breaks down the missing ingredient in persuasion. The ‘S-Factor’, and how you can use it immediately to change the results you get in life. Almost all of our lives, we depend on talking to other humans to get our results. Learn how to leverage this new knowledge immediately to persuade, influence, and have what we all want more of: choice.


Peter Hopwood – The Mindful Behaviors of an Exceptional Presenter

Global Speaker Coach / Pitch & Storytelling Consultant / TEDx Coach

What does it mean to be mindful during your presentation and why is it important? In this session, Peter delves into the subtle notions and behaviors that will help you share your message better, create an even stronger connection with your audience, and feel more in control when while presenting.


Troy Chollar – 18 Computer Setup and PowerPoint Settings That Will Make Life Better for Presenters

Co-founder of TLC Creative Services, Inc.

Presenting is an art. Your computer and presentation software should be setup to assist, and not hinder. This hands-on, live walk through of Troy’s computer and PowerPoint setup and recommendations for presenters is full of insights, tips and tricks. Each of the setup options covered is active on the TLC Creative Services fleet of design production and show computers. Default configurations can be updated with the goal to prevent both the computer and PowerPoint from interfering with your presentation.


Luke Goetting – Virtual Meeting Revolution: How To Maximize Your Online Impact

Award-winning presentation specialist and founder of Puffingston Presentations

Meetings have shifted online, so naturally, they’re less effective, right? Hell no! Discover how virtual meetings can be more dynamic, personalized and engaging for audiences than in-person meetings ever could.


Verineia Codrean – Get smart at presentations: From handling disruptions to tricky questions & never miss a beat

Top public speaking coach

In this session, you’ll learn how to work around unforeseen disruptions, from your tech to tricky questions that may want to put you down.

Get the ins & out of one of the most powerful techniques for delivering a powerful presentation, used from actors to presidents of states.


Liz Booth & Jaz Isherwood – Forging emotional connections with your audience… even when they’re not in the room

Senior Presentation Experience Specialists, Buffalo7

The best presentations don’t start with selling. Or persuading. Or even changing mindsets. The world’s greatest presentations are about giving audiences shared EXPERIENCES that go on to do these things.

And for an audience to experience something, they need to become an active part of it – not just a passive passenger.

This session will explore the different types of learners every audience will have, how to create an emotional connection with them all, and what will make them part of an experience they will never forget.


*Please note that Mark Bowden’s session Win Trust & Gain A New Credibility – On Video Call Virtually From is not included in the recordings pack as per contractual agreements.


A few words about Present to Succeed

We at 356labs are the proud organizers of Present to Succeed – the biggest presentation skills conference in the world. Its focus is helping business professionals, entrepreneurs, and ordinary overachievers to write, design, and deliver truly effective presentations. For two full days, we are hosting some of the brightest and most exciting storytelling and public speaking experts, presentation designers, and tools creators in the world. The main goal of the event is to level up presentation skills across industries on a global scale. We’re sure this way the world would become a nicer place where we communicate and understand each other better.

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