Present to Succeed 2021 Complete Session Recordings


Мore than 11 hours to watch from 34 globally renowned speakers in the fields of Storytelling, Presentation Design, Public Speaking, and Presentation Tools.

Present to Succeed 2021 Recordings with Chase Hughes, Katya Kovalenko, Nicte Cuevas, Peter Hopwood, Shawn Villaron
Present to Succeed 2021 Complete Session Recordings

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Design compelling and beautiful presentations without being a designer

Learn the slide design principles and acquire knowledge about templates, fonts and visual content. Get tons of practical tips & tricks and discover the specifics of data visualization.

Learn the craft of storytelling to achieve results in the business world

Discover how the storytelling elements control your brain and use them in your advantage. Learn how to pitch business ideas through powerful storylines.

Master the stage, being virtual or a real one

Learn how to connect with your audience, win their trust, and motivate change. Uncover techniques for handling tricky questions and disruptions.

Use the newest presentation tools features

PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Prezi and more - harness the power of presentation tools to create better presentations while saving time. Find out about the newest features that will help you in your work process , including the power of A.I.

Learn from the presentation experts

You’ll see the leading behavior expert Chase Hughes, the Vice President of Product for PowerPoint Shawn Villaron, the expert in the science of story structure Kendall Haven and more than 30 other world-renowned speakers. Check all the names here. *Mark Bowden’s recording has expired as per contractual agreements. 

About Present to Succeed Conference

We at 356labs are the proud organizers of Present to Succeed – the biggest presentation skills conference in the world. Its focus is helping business professionals, entrepreneurs, and ordinary overachievers to write, design, and deliver truly effective presentations. For two full days, we are hosting some of the brightest and most exciting storytelling and public speaking experts, presentation designers, and tools creators in the world. The main goal of the event is to level up presentation skills across industries on a global scale. We’re sure this way the world would become a nicer place where we communicate and understand each other better.

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