Present to Succeed 2021 Tools Track Recordings


You will learn from professionals responsible for the tools that the whole world uses, like Shawn Villaron, Head of Product for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Present to Succeed 2021 Tools Track Recordings


Presentation applications are truly powerful tools, but it’s crucial for you to know their abilities well in order to use them to their full potential. And to work with them stress-free. After watching the speakers in the Tools track of the Present to Succeed conference, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll be capable of achieving. You will learn from professionals responsible for the tools that the whole world uses, like Shawn Villaron, Head of Product for Microsoft PowerPoint.


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Shawn Villaron – PowerPoint Reinvented: How PowerPoint will help you be a more successful presenter in today’s ever-changing environment

Head of Product for PowerPoint

PowerPoint is not the same Microsoft product you have come to know over the years. We have reinvented the features and functionality to help you become a more successful presenter. What does this mean? We are not just focused on the presentation itself, and instead assisting you along your entire presentation journey. Microsoft PowerPoint leverages AI to help you polish your presentation from start to finish – from designing the slides with Designer, to practicing your presentation with Presenter Coach, to delivering your presentation with Live Presentations. Learn about the latest and greatest features you should be using today with PowerPoint. We have reinvented our beloved product to support your presentation needs and make you a more successful presenter!


Katya Kovalenko – Styling your Presentations: Mood board and Resources

Author of 2 courses on Presentation Design and Data Visualization on Domestika

Are you building a presentation from scratch and don’t know where to start? Not sure how to pick the right colors / typography / visuals and keep the style of your presentation cohesive and clean? In this session, I’ll show you the creative process of styling a presentation. We are going to collect visual inspiration and references, create a moodboard and learn how to transform it into the design of our slides.


Spencer Waldron – Mastering Live Virtual Presentations: How to design and deliver stunning Prezi Video presentations and share them live

Director of Global Brand Communications at Prezi

This session will help you discover how to create a gorgeous Prezi presentation that when shared with our Prezi Video virtual camera; allows you to bring that content onto the screen with you in a way that is memorable AND enables you to keep that all important eye contact and human connection. An incredibly rich Prezi session that takes you from the very basics of making your own Prezi to the most advanced techniques.


Henrik Bergqvist & Brad Hawkes – Level up your speaking skills with the help of the world’s #1 PowerPoint app

Founder & Co-CEO, Pickit & Marketing Director, Pickit

We get it. You want to be a better presenter and you’re looking for tips and tools to help you. In this session, we’ll cover how to utilize the power of Pickit to build story-driven decks, design beautiful slides, and deliver virtual presentations with impact. Sound intriguing? See you online!


Stephan Kuhnert – PowerPoint on Steroids: How to create stunning presentations in less time

Co-founder of empower®

How much time do you spend working with PowerPoint? Are you always happy with the results? In this session, we will share insights from the world’s largest market research regarding PowerPoint usage and share best practices from well-known firms that implemented add-ins to boost their PowerPoint productivity and brand consistency! Ready to build better slides faster? This session is your session.


Vincent Thompson – Google Slides Presentation Design

Principal Design Consultant at BrightCarbon

Most of us can log in to Google Slides for the first time and figure out the basic functionality. However, if you’re using Google Slides for business purposes ‘just getting by’ is not enough. You need to be able to boost your productivity and make content quickly.

Lucky for you, BrightCarbon, the presentation experts, have already done the heavy lifting in getting to know this software intimately. This 50-minute session will teach you how to zip around Google Slides like you’ve been using it for years.


Echo Swinford & Sandra Johnson – Set up for success: a guide to resources, skills, and community in the presentation industry

PowerPoint MVP since 2000 & Co-founder of The Presentation Guild

Are you searching for professional development support in your corporate job or guidance growing your presentation design business? Echo and Sandy have been in the industry since –forever – and will share their insights into industry resources that will help you reach your goals, including where to find presentation design and speaker training, meaningful PowerPoint certification, networking opportunities with your peers, access to experts in the business, and so much more. Drop-in for a good conversation with your new best friends.


Nicte Cuevas – Elevating Your Brand Story with Apple Keynote

Nicte Creative Design

How we present and what we present is equally important. Your brand story is more than a pretty graphic — it’s about how we connect our ideas with visuals that speak to our audience.

No matter your story, Apple Keynote can open new presentation possibilities that you can’t achieve in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Learn how to harness the power of Apple Keynote to create interactive animations, save time with branded templates, and learn how to use visual communication to tell a powerful story.


A few words about Present to Succeed

We at 356labs are the proud organizers of Present to Succeed – the biggest presentation skills conference in the world. Its focus is helping business professionals, entrepreneurs, and ordinary overachievers to write, design, and deliver truly effective presentations. For two full days, we are hosting some of the brightest and most exciting storytelling and public speaking experts, presentation designers, and tools creators in the world. The main goal of the event is to level up presentation skills across industries on a global scale. We’re sure this way the world would become a nicer place where we communicate and understand each other better.

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