Present to Succeed 2021 Complete Session Recordings


Мore than 11 hours to watch from 34 globally renowned speakers in the fields of Storytelling, Presentation Design, Public Speaking, and Presentation Tools.

Present to Succeed 2021 Complete Session Recordings


Gain priceless knowledge from the brightest minds in the presentation world. Get the Present to Succeed complete Session Recordings – more than 11 hours to watch from 34 globally renowned speakers in the fields of Storytelling, Presentation Design, Public Speaking, and Presentation Tools. This pack contains all the four conference tracks for you to watch and rewatch as much as you need. Once you watch them, you will have acquired knowledge on all the aspects of writing, designing, and delivering an effective presentation.

We at 356labs are the proud organizers of Present to Succeed – the biggest presentation skills conference in the world. Its focus is helping business professionals, entrepreneurs, and ordinary overachievers to write, design, and deliver truly effective presentations. For two full days, we are hosting some of the brightest and most exciting storytelling and public speaking experts, presentation designers, and tools creators in the world. The main goal of the event is to level up presentation skills across industries on a global scale. We’re sure this way the world would become a nicer place where we communicate and understand each other better.


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Richard Mulholland – Nobody cares about your story!

Founder of Missing Link presentation agency


Maurizio La Cava – How To Pitch a Business Idea and Persuade the Audience To Act

CEO at MLC Presentation Design Consulting


Simon Morton – Building a Persuasive Presentation Story from the Ground Up

Founder of Eyeful Presentations


Florian Mueck – Rhetorical Orgasms – Spicing up Your Story with Rhetorical Devices

Co-creator of the world’s first public speaking board game RHETORIC


Kendall Haven – That Reminds Me of a Story… How the Elements of Story Control the Effectiveness of Your Presentations

Wrote numerous books on how story controls human understanding and meaning


Alexei Kapterev – The Dangers of Storytelling

Author of Presentation Secrets


Scott Karman – Backstage Pass: Lessons to Learn from Real-Life Executive Keynote Speakers

Owner and Principal of Silver Fox Productions



Tom Howell – Beyond a Presentation: Designing Beautiful Documents in PowerPoint

Founder and creative director of Synapsis Creative


Paul van Hattem – The Commonality Between Slide Design and Home Cooking. A Recipe for Successful Slides

Founder of Mr.Prezident


Bart Van de Wiele – Presentation design: how Adobe Creative Cloud closes the gap

Principal Solutions Consultant at Adobe


Nick Belshaw & Rob Kawalsky – Enjoy Presentations with Canva

Design Educator at Canva & Head of Product at Canva


Ingrid Mengdehl & Richard Goring – Awesome PowerPoint Tricks for Effective Presentations

Senior Designer at BrightCarbon & Director at BrightCarbon


Echo Swinford & Julie Terberg – Tackling Templates: The Top Ten

PowerPoint MVP since 2000  & PowerPoint MVP, director of the Presentation Guild, and the host of Inspired by Design


Nolan Haims – Inclusive Presenting

20+ years of experience in visual communications


Lea Pica – 4 Simple Steps to Creating and Presenting Healthy, Actionable Data Stories

Creator of the Data Presentation + Storytelling Boot Camp and PICA Protocol™


Public Speaking

Peter Hopwood – The Mindful Behaviors of an Exceptional Presenter

Global Speaker Coach / Pitch & Storytelling Consultant / TEDx Coach


Luke Goetting – Virtual Meeting Revolution: How To Maximize Your Online Impact

Award-winning presentation specialist and founder of Puffingston Presentations


Verineia Codrean – Get smart at presentations: From handling disruptions to tricky questions & never miss a beat

Top public speaking coach


Liz Booth & Jaz Isherwood – Forging emotional connections with your audience… even when they’re not in the room

Senior Presentation Experience Specialist, Buffalo7 & Senior Presentation Experience Specialist, Buffalo7


Chase Hughes – Extreme persuasion: The one factor you’ll never hear about that makes all the difference

America’s leading behavior expert and best-selling author of 3 books on human behavior


Troy Chollar – 18 Computer Setup and PowerPoint Settings That Will Make Life Better for Presenters

Co-founder of TLC Creative Services, Inc.



Shawn Villaron – PowerPoint Reinvented: How PowerPoint will help you be a more successful presenter in today’s ever-changing environment

Head of Product for PowerPoint


Katya Kovalenko – Styling your Presentations: Mood board and Resources

Author of 2 courses on Presentation Design and Data Visualization on Domestika


Spencer Waldron – Mastering Live Virtual Presentations: How to design and deliver stunning Prezi Video presentations and share them live

Director of Global Brand Commnications at Prezi


Henrik Bergqvist & Brad Hawkes – Level up your speaking skills with the help of the world’s #1 PowerPoint app

Founder & Co-CEO, Pickit & Marketing Director, Pickit


Stephan Kuhnert – PowerPoint on Steroids: How to create stunning presentations in less time

Co-founder of empower®


Vincent Thompson – Google Slides Presentation Design

Principal Design Consultant at BrightCarbon


Echo Swinford & Sandra Johnson – Set up for success: a guide to resources, skills, and community in the presentation industry

PowerPoint MVP since 2000 & Co-founder of The Presentation Guild


Nicte Cuevas – Elevating Your Brand Story with Apple Keynote

Nicte Creative Design


*Please note that Mark Bowden’s session Win Trust & Gain A New Credibility – On Video Call Virtually From is not included in the recordings pack as per contractual agreements.

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