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You are an individual looking for ways to improve your presentations? We can help! We are sharing our knowledge constantly – as part of conferences, seminars, webinars, public workshops, and a lot more. You just have to keep an eye on the calendar below, plan your time, and come with a desire to learn. We will do everything else to help you advance!

Upcoming Events:

Webinar: Give Killer Online Presentations

Let’s help you present online successfully.

Learn how to convince an online audience with a powerful presentation where your slides, body language, and toolkit all work together to help achieve your goals.


Workshop: IT & Tech Presentation Skills

Tech presentations are hard for IT people.

Join the workshop on February 28 to learn about the “secret sauce” of the greatest IT speakersin the world and the best practices they use to present software.


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The difference is the following:

– The seminars are completely free. We organize such 1-hour events every month with the only goal to share our presentation experience with all of you – our community. We also record those and then post the video on our website and Facebook page.

– The webinars are also free events that are either one or 2-hour in duration. We try to organize such every month and a recording is also available on our blog.

– The guest speaking events are opportunities to see us speak at an event that is not organized by us. We frequently speak at conferences and events all across the world, so keep an eye on this one too because it may turn out that we are speaking somewhere very close to you.

When you click on the event at the calendar, you will see a button that will lead you to the page where all details for the specific event are.

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