Event Presentation Support

Each presentation plays a crucial part of the overall event experience. The question is – do you want to make sure all sessions are on a world class level from every angle – the story, the design and the delivery? Do you want to make sure all speakers will deliver presentations people remember and talk about? If so, you are on the right page! This is why we created this service.







The more time we have and the earlier you reach out and we start working together, the better! Preferably, this would be at least a month before the event.

It’s up to you to decide what level of freedom you want to give to your speakers. If you want all sessions to look consistent, we will create a proper template as part of our work.

We can do the pre-training both offline and online. What’s more, we offer to have more than one-time option for the training and video recordings that we can also send to the speakers. This way we make sure that all of them can get the training. It all depends on our discussion with you. In case we also create a presentation template for the conference, we will also provide video training and tutorials to all speakers on how they can utilize it in the most effective way.

First and foremost, we work with dozens of top level executives. Presentations and the science behind them is something that not every person knows even though that same person may have huge experience as a speaker already. What’s more, based on our experience the slides of 99% of the sessions at every conference around the world can be much better. That being said, almost every speaker has something to improve and deliver his session in an even better way than before and that’s our mission – to help them do that.

As for the slides, we are a presentation agency and when we get to speak at the biggest events in the world as Microsoft Ignite, for example, we are obliged to submit our slides too. However, we do not see any problem with our slides being reviewed. That is how we also approach this part of the process – if the slides of the speaker are already great – perfect! If not, however, you’ve hired us to make sure all speakers will deliver on a top level and in case we need to tune here and there, we will communicate with the presenter and make sure we get to the level we need to.

No worries. Our team is at the event, next to each speaker and assists the presenters who want to do changes.

Yes. We can hire one of our top partners to help you out(the guys who did this!). We will be responsible and accountable for the quality of the video and we will work with them to guarantee that you and your event will receive exactly the video(s) you are looking for.

Let's work together!

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