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Are you looking for someone to speak topics such as: starting a company, sharing business experience and anything related to the world of presentations? We hold lectures and talks all over the world in conferences and events. No matter what the venue was – big or small – our presentations were rated among the best ones. Want to deliver for you? We are ready when you are!

We can deliver:

Conference Session

Public Event

Online event

The topics we can talk on:

We can talk on anything related to presentations. What’s more, we can share with you our startup journey, our ups and downs, as we have learned a lot of things through trial and error. Warning: we are not business experts, so in that field – we share only our opinion. However, on the topic of presenting, we are the people you are looking for as we live and breath presentations.

Some of the events we talked at:


The formats we can deliver for you are as follows:

  • Conference session – that is either a keynote or any possible session or panel that you are planning for your event;
  • Public event – if your organization wants us to deliver a seminar on a specific subjects or even a workshop on specific presentation topic;
  • Online event – these are podcasts or webinars. Something we have been also doing for years.

In case you have any other format that you are planning and you want us to help you with, let us know in the contact form below.

Currently and if the event is in the country where we are located – Bulgaria, 3 to 4 weeks in advance should be enough. If, however, you want us to speak in a country outside of Bulgaria, we ask you to give us at least 1 month before the event.

We speak all over the world, so we can deliver at any location. The only condition we have is described in the question above – the time you have to reach out in advance.

We do not have a fixed fee for this service because, as you can imagine, what every customer is looking for is very different. Let’s first discuss what you want us to deliver and where and we will create a customized offer for you.

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