Internal Presentation Designer

You want all of your company presentations to look professional and well designed, but you don’t have the time or maybe even the experience to deliver on that promise? Why don’t we then train one or more of your people and make them your internal presentation designers? This way you have stunning slides and save money as the people creating them work in your organization.

How can we build the expertise?

In house

at your or our office


in person + virtual

Completely Virtual

remote sessions only

Here is what expertise we will bring in-house:

  • The fundamentals of great slide design
  • How to create the company's template
  • How to keep the template up to date
  • The process of building stunning slides
  • Time saving slide design tricks
  • Free creative resources for design
  • Technologies and tools to use
  • A lot, lot more.


This service is for every organization that wants to make sure that every important (both internal or external) presentation is designed professionally. It’s for those companies who want to have internal expertise and want to train or even dedicate a full time employee(or more) who will be responsible for the overall design of the company presentations.

This is a completely different service. It’s a mix between a personalized training and private consulting. What’s more, it doesn’t last a day or two. It lasts for as minimum as 3 months. We need that because we do not just train, but also provide feedback of the work of the person (people) assigned from the company side until we see that every presentation they create is on the level it has to be.

It obviously depends. Think about how many presentation you will be asking this person to design and adapt based on that. However, once you see the result, you will understand why you may want to need a whole team of people or maybe think of getting us to help through the Presentation Outsourcing service we offer.

We’d really like to have an answer for this one because it will help you calculate the effort on your side. However, it really is hard to do that because we do not know anything about the presentations you deliver. Maybe your average presentation is 30 slides, but maybe you also have presentations that are 150 slides and are more or less a document. Reach out in the contact form below and let’s discuss it.

Reach out in the contact form below and let’s discuss your specific business needs. Let’s also see how many people you will want us to make in-house presentation designers and then we will create a specific offer for you and your organization.

Let’s work together!

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