You are planning to deliver an important speech and you want your message to resonate and to have an impact on your audience? What if there was a way for someone to save you time and yet help you go out there prepared, looking authentic and move the crowd in the direction that you want them to be moved. We can help you out by writing and preparing you for you speech.

Here’s how we do it:



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We can prepare various types of speeches. Here are just some examples:

– CEO remarks;
– Keynote speeches;
– Business and startup pitches;
– Ceremonial speeches;
– Political or governmental;

The earlier the better, of course. However, we need to start working at minimum 10 – 12 days before the speech because we first have to get familiar with you, your ways of expressing and your subject. Then, and only then, we start crafting the first draft of your speech.

We include delivery coaching as part of this service because in order for you to truly deliver an effective speech, you don’t just need the proper words, you need the proper delivery too. That’s why, once we have the final version of your speech, we will rehearse it with you thus putting you in the best position to succeed.

Absolutely. The copyright on the final version of the speech is transferred to you automatically and you can use and deliver it as many times as you wish.

Absolutely. However, we treat such requests as consulting. Please see more details here.

Yes. However, please let us know as soon as possible in what languages you will need a translation because that will reflect on the deadlines of the project.

Once we understand more about your business case, we will send you a customized offer that matches your situation. Every request and every speech is different and thus, we cannot offer a fixed price.

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