Presentation Development

Do you want to deliver truly effective presentations that engage and inspire your audience and get the results you aim for? We can work with you to create a stunning presentation which will help you achieve your goals. A presentation consists of 3 main components – a story, a visual part, and, of course, a speaker. As part of our service not only do we create the design of the presentation you need, but also work with you on the other two components, making sure that you will succeed and attain the results you are striving for.

We work with you on all three:




All three components must be in perfect sync!

It’s hard for us to explain how much work goes into the first and third phase of а successful presentation – story and delivery. That’s why, we can show you in some of designs here. You can get an idea of how stunning your slides can look too.

Some of the companies we work with:

Here’s what some of our clients say:

Let's work together!

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We have created and continue to create presentations for various scenarios. Just to name a few:

– A presentation that will be delivered inside a company
A sales or marketing presentation in front of a potential client
University and school presentations
A presentation that will be delivered at a conference. TED’s included. 🙂
Presentation(s) that will be delivered as part of a training
– Presentations for webinars
– Startup pitching presentations
Presentation to be send over e-mail. Read the below question.

Absolutely. These are the so called “slidedocs” or “slideuments” in our industry. These are a bit more detailed than a slideshow as you don’t have a speaker involved. We have created numerous company presentations, pitch decks and presentations that are used as email attachments.

We are tool-agnostic. We advise you on the best tool based on your needs. We create/make/design presentations with PowerPoint, Prezi, Sway, Google Slides and many more.

We have a separate service for creating presentation templates. Please refer to this page.

Absolutely. However, we treat such requests as consultations. Please see more details here.

Not a problem! However, we will analyze the content first. A presentation has 3 components that must work in perfect sync – a story, a design and a speaker. If any of those fails, the whole presentation becomes vulnerable to failure. That’s why we need to inspect your content and if it’s already set up for success – great! Otherwise, we will suggest changes that need to be done before we move on to the design phase.

Yes, but only if the quality of the photos meets our requirements. Otherwise we will advise you on what changes to make and will even assist you to find the proper photography. If needed, we will find a photographer for you to capture the photos that will put you and your presentation in a position to succeed. Again – we will either do it in the way it should be done or we won’t do it at all. Our clients trust us and our expertise because we have proved numerous times that we know what it takes to make a truly effective presentation.

We are doing it ourselves, but if you have a copywriter, we will be happy to collaborate.

It is advisable that we have at least 2 weeks to work on your presentation. However, if you have an emergency request, please specify that in the initial meeting or e-mail.

Yes and we can also give you some ideas on how you can “reuse” your presentation to bring even more results.