Presentation Outsourcing

You understand that excellent presentation skills combined with elaborate visual aid is fundamental for achieving your business goals. Therefore, you need consulting experts close at hand at all times. Look no further because we are the perfect partner for you. We could become part of your team and work together on every presentation you need. This will save you time, but also will help your business grow by communicating important information in an effective way.

Here’s how we do it:






This service is for everyone whose work heavily depends on presentations and who understands that they are an extremely powerful tool. Most of the times these are SMBs (small and medium businesses) or even big corporations where presentations are being held almost daily.

Think of it this way – each and every presentation question, task or assistance that you may need, we will be one e-mail or phone call away. Here is a small list of the things we do for our clients:

– Preparing or reviewing an important presentation;

– Software issues with your presentation software;

– Individual consulting on a specific topic;

– Presentation training for group or team of people(and we have a huge portfolio you will be able to choose from!). Check it here.

– Preparing and submitting conference sessions and abstracts;

– Creating, reviewing or improving the company’s presentation template.

Overall, once we become your presentation team, we can help you with everything that touches and relates to you presenting a specific topic or subject. Together with that, every presentation service on our website is also included and you can ask us to work on it as many times as you wish.

The short answer is speed and money. When we are your presentation team, your requests are prioritized and so you get the presentation, the consultations, the training or any other presentation assistance much faster than if you reach out to us for any of those services separately. What’s more, you save a ton of money because everything is potentially included as a part of your offer and when that’s the case the overall price for our work is significantly lower.

No. We do not have predefined packages. The reason for that is because we tailor every offer based on you and your company’s needs. There are cases in which our offer may even include a dedicated person or even people if we see that you need those. Again – we do not put everyone under the same umbrella. We adapt and tailor this offering completely based on you.

There are various options for both. Let’s first hear your business needs in our initial conversation and then we will discuss both the contract length and the payment process.

The first thing we are going to do is explore your presentation needs in details. That means we are going to talk with the people delivering presentations and we are also going to look at what you are using as presentation software and what your last presentations look like. Based on the findings we will define a plan that may involve a mix of presentation work(creating or enhancing your current presentation template, for example), training and individual consulting, for example. From there on, you just start sending us your presentation tasks and we execute them for you!


Yeap! When we are your presentation team, you can expect some unexpected presents from us that will help you develop your overall presentation skills to an even higher level. These may include additional materials like e-books, private workshops, event invitations and a lot more that are otherwise not publicly available! 🙂

Let’s work together

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