Presentation Templates

A properly built presentation template allows every presenter to create professionally-designed and consistent slides faster. You don’t need to be a designer as this aspect is already taken care of. Presentation templates enable your entire business to save tons of time in creating slides. Meanwhile, you’re dramatically improving the quality and impact of each presentation.

How we build presentation templates:





What your template includes:

  • Slide layouts based on your needs;
  • Do's and don'ts guidelines;
  • Example slides;
  • Predefined color palette;
  • Predefined typography;
  • Icon library;
  • Photo library;
  • Instructional videos.

How does that compare to your current template?

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Most of the times we are asked to create a presentation template for companies and their employees, events and their speakers, and people who just present a lot. However, read the next question in the section too.

If you answer to any of those questions with “Yes”, you may want to think about creating a proper presentation template:

Do you or your teams have to create slides in the last moment?
Do you look for consistency in the design of the slides?
Do you reuse slides from one presentation to another?
Do we copy paste objects from one place to another often?
Do you present often?

No. We can create a proper presentation template for you with almost every possible single presentation software on the market – Prezi, Keynote, Google Slides, etc.

If the template is helping you create stunning slides that you can later on copy-paste and reuse and all of that comes with almost 0 effort, then you might have a good presentation template already. However, if you have, even for a second, heard or thought that while using your template is not helping you, but preventing you to easily create great slides, then you might be having the same problems that 99% of our customers have.

Look above. The 3 steps for creating and delivering your template are described there. Of course, that’s just an overview, but it captures the essence of what you should expect. Now think, how many times you heard someone go through such a process for their template and did you go through such if you already have? We are almost sure we know the answer.

At the end of the process you arm yourself or your company with a very powerful tool. A tool that was created with your needs in mind and a tool that will help you and your people create beautiful yet consistent slides with no need of a designer and all of that with less effort than ever before.

A Presentation Template is a project with huge impact for you and/or your organization. As you can see from the above process we follow, there are a lot of time-consuming steps to make sure we will deliver the exact template you need. That is why we ask you to plan at least 1 month of work during which you will be heavily involved too. In case you need a template to be delivered to you in a shorter period, please make sure you let us know about that requirement.